Sibiu Alma Mater University
National Conference with International Participation
6th Edition
Theme: Challenges for Science and Research in the Crisis Era
Sibiu, 29–31 March 2011
Call for Papers Organising
Conference programme Short papers
editing instructions
Forms Second Call for Papers

Organising committee

  • Chairperson
    • Prof. Dr. Eng. Maria TURTOI

  • Members
    • Prof. Dr. Benoni SFÂRLOG
    • Prof. Dr. Eng. Romulus IAGĂRU
    • Prof. Dr. Eugen POPESCU
    • Prof. Dr. Eng. Ştefan BURLACU
    • Prof. Constantin CATRINA
    • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dumitru POPOVICI
    • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nicuşor Marcel UDREA
    • Lecturer Dr. Ec. Mihaela BADEA
    • Lecturer Dr. Mircea BÂRGOZ
    • Lecturer Dr. Ion CIOBANU
    • Lecturer Dr. Ion DINU
    • Lecturer Dr. Daniel HAGEANU
    • Lecturer Dr. Catalina PUIU
    • Teaching Assistant Dr. Vasile CIOLPAN
    • Ec. Ioana TĂLMĂCEAN

  • Secretariat
    • Teaching Assistant Claudia BERGHEZAN
    • Teaching Assistant Silvia BOGDAN
    • Teaching Assistant Simina Ioana OANA
    • Teaching Assistant Eng. Ion PAŞOL
    • Ec. Irina-Elena PETRICĂ
    • Lucian APOSTOL

Scientific committee

  • Chairperson
    • Prof. Dr. Eng. Ec. Nicolaie GEORGESCU

    • Vice-chairpersons
      • Prof. Dr. Mircea COSMA
      • Prof. Dr. Eng.Maria TURTOI

    • Scientific reviewers
      • Prof. Dr. Ghiţă BÎRSAN
      • Prof. Dr. Laurean BOGDAN
      • Prof. Dr. Constantin BRĂTIANU
      • Prof. Dr. Eng. Ştefan BURLACU
      • Prof. Dr. Antonello GARZONI, Italy
      • Prof. Dr. Vladimiras GRAZULIS, Lithuania
      • Prof. Dr. Lobin GÜNTER, San Marino
      • Prof. Dr. Ioan LASCU
      • Prof. Dr. Lucio LAURETI, Italy
      • Prof. Dr. Slobodan PAJOVICI, Serbia
      • Prof. Dr. Dzejn PAUNCOVICI, Serbia
      • Prof. Dr. Doina PETICĂ-ROMAN
      • Prof. Dr. Eva PINDESOVA, Czech Republic
      • Prof. Dr. Ioan SANTAI
      • Prof. Dr. Luciano SEGRETO, Italy
      • Prof. Dr. Emilian STANCU
      • Prof. Dr. Valentina STOYANOVA, Bulgaria
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vanya Kuzdova BANABAKOVA, Bulgaria
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Monica Delia DOMNICA
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ana-Maria IUGA
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mares JAROMIR, Czech Republic
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marian NĂSTASE
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Costel NISTOR
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dumitru POPOVICI
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anca SÎRGHIE
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leontin STANCIU
      • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nicuşor Marcel UDREA
      • Lecturer Dr. Mircea BÂRGOZ
      • Lecturer Dr. Teodor BEJAN
      • Lecturer Dr. Gheorghe CIUBOTARU
      • Lecturer Dr. Ion DINU
      • Lecturer Dr. Domenico MORRONE, Italy
      • Lecturer Dr. Ray TAHERI, Canada
      • Lecturer Dr. Vanya TSONKOVA, Bulgaria
      • Lecturer Dr. Beaneta VASILEVA, Bulgaria

      A. Conference’s activities

      • Paper sessions

        1. Accountancy

        2. Agro-food economy

        3. Communication science

        4. Computer sciences

        5. Economic legislation

        6. Environment protection

        7. Finance and banking

        1. English language

        2. Higher education

        3. International business

        4. Law

        5. Management

        6. Marketing

        7. Pedagogy

        1. Psychology

        2. Public administration

        3. Public food

        4. Public relations

        5. Romanian language and literature

        6. Social assistance

        7. Tourism and agro-tourism

        8. Trade and negotiation

      • B. Exhibitions

        • - Book exposition;
        • - Company presentations;
        • - Advertisement boarding.

        C. Publications

        • Programme and list of papers;
        • Conference proceedings volumes, ISSN 2067- 1423;

        Based on the recommendation of reviewers, a part of the papers will be published in:
        • Sibiu Alma Mater University Journals:
          • Series A. Economic Sciences, ISSN 2065 – 2372;
          • Series B. Law and Administrative Sciences, ISSN 2065 – 2364;
          • Series C. Social Sciences, ISSN 2065 – 2356.

        Participation deadlines

        Registration of paper/s* by the 15th of February 2012:
        • by e-mail, sending the filled-in registration form and the full paper at: mentioning “Sibiu UAM 2012 Conference“.
        * Maximum two papers are accepted as first author / single author.

        Fee: 50 EURO / participant
        Fee payment deadline: the 15th of February 2012.

        NOTE: Only the high level scientific papers observing the topic of the conference, and those meeting the editing conditions and deadline requirements will be published.

        For other information, please :

        Short papers editing instructions

        • Page size: A4
        • Font: Times New Roman 12
        • Title: bold, centred
        • Authors: full first name and family name, without didactic title or scientific degree, bold, centred;
        • Authors’ affiliation: name of institution, address of institution (no., St., postal code, city, country), phone, fax, e-mail address;
        • Abstract: 50–100 words “justified”;
        • Key-words: 5–10 words or groups of 2-3 words, if possible different from the ones in the title, for indexation.
        • Paper’s content structured as follows: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements (if it is necessary), References, Abbreviations (if it is necessary);
        • Figures and Tables have to be numbered in order
        • Text citations: (Ionescu and Smith, 2004), (Morris et al., 2007), (Albu, 2003a), (Ionescu, 2004; Albu, 2003b) or: ”Researches of Ionescu (2004) demonstrate that …”, ”comparing to data published by Ionescu and Smith (2005) …” etc.
          Ionescu M. 2008. Name of book, Publisher, Place of publication.
          Ionescu P. and Smith M.F. 2005. Name of chapter, in Name of book, (editors), Publisher, Place of publication, page numbers.
          Popescu L. and Ion V. 2001. Name of paper. Name of journal, vol. (no), page numbers.
          Morris H., Smith M.F., Bush D.L. and Black R. 2007. Name of paper. In: Name of book / volume (Editors), Publisher, Place of publication, page numbers.
          Albu I. 2003a. Name of paper. Name of journal, vol. (no), page numbers.
          Albu I. 2003b. Name of paper. Name of journal, vol. (no), page numbers.

          The references should be written in its original language (the title should be translated in English).
        • References list should be presented alphabetically
        • Please find more information about the subject in the file:

        Conference programme

        • 29th of March, 2012:
        • Participants’ arrival in Sibiu.

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